Missiles Fired at Israel Set Back World Progress

At only 67, Israel is the most reliable, capable, predictable, democratic and unreserved ally of the U.S. This is in direct contrast to the violent, unreliable, turbulent and generally anti-U.S. Arab street.

Amb. (retired) Yoram Ettinger recently wrote about Israel’s importance to the U.S. in his blog:

Israel is the most battle-tested, cost-effective laboratory of the US defense industries, sharing with US manufacturers thousands of upgrades and modifications, enhancing the US global competitiveness, exports, research and development and employment. Israel is to the US defense industry what triple-A tenants are to shopping malls: increasing value and drawing clients – a mega-billion dollar bonanza. (April 22, 2015)

Some 280 global high tech giants (mostly from the US) have given kudos to Israel’s economy, in general, and Israel’s brain power, in particular, by establishing research and development (R&D) centers in the Startup Nation. Thus, Intel operates four R&D centers, Microsoft – 2, IBM – 3 R&D centers, etc. (June 5, 2015)

Israel’s accomplishments are astonishing, as illustrated by Nobel Prizes awarded: Israel, with a population of 6.2 million Jews, won 12, of which six are in chemistry. In contrast, of the 22 Arab states, with a population of 350 million, only won six, of which one was in science. Israel is also a major first-responder to natural disasters around the planet.


Israeli kindergarten after being hit by a Hamas rocket, 2008.

Recently, as is becoming increasingly more frequent, yet another announcement of an amazing discovery came from the high-tech, innovative, start-up nation, Israel. This time, a cure for terminal cancer was discovered with breakthrough immunotherapy. But this good news of cancer breakthroughs was not celebrated because it clearly does not fit the narrative the mainstream media prefers portray about tiny, embattled Israel: the unrelenting oppressor of the Palestinian Arabs.

Mainstream media makes it easy to forget that:

  • the Palestinian Arabs of Israel have more freedom, rights, educational and employment opportunities than Arabs in any Arab country;
  • they have rejected a state of their own living side-by-side with Israel six times since 1937;
  • their charters (the Palestinian Authority, PLO and Hamas) call for the destruction of Israel and in the case of Hamas, who is the elected government in partnership with the PA, the murder of all Jews worldwide;
  • their mosques, schools and media regularly engage in some of the most vile anti-Semitic measures promoting hatred and demonization of Jews;
  • name streets and plazas for their shaheeds, “martyrs,” who have engaged in mass murder of Jews; and
  • they have failed to abide by the Oslo Accords of 1993, which called for an end of incitement to hatred and murder, outlaw terrorist groups, arrest and extradite terrorists, confiscate illegal weaponry, and amend their charters advocating terrorism and the elimination of Israel.

In short, it is a dark culture of hate whose identity is based on negating that of Israel.

So remember: Every single missile, rocket, bomb and other terrorist attack against Israel, from Gaza, Lebanon, or Iran, has the literal potential to rob the world of incredible cures for cancer, medicines and treatments, and other high-tech biological, agricultural and scientific innovations. Each missile has the potential to retard progress and the ability to repair the world (tikkun olam).

When our government funds the PA or Hamas (via UNRWA) or Lebanon (Hezb’allah) or frees up money for Iran, via the impending nuclear agreement, this is what is at stake. When the European Union, the U.N., NGOs, academic groups, and organizations promote BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) and de-legitimizing actions against Israel, these “missiles” also are aimed at jeopardizing Israel.

This is the moral case for Israel, acting out of a sense of Jewish values to treasure life, and share its know-how with the world, even with its Arab/Muslim neighbors. Every rocket directed at Israel is aimed at driving a stake into the heart of our Judeo-Christian values and civilization, and is a direct expression of the barbarism of our enemies.


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