New Food Purveyor: Cool Twists Frozen Creations

Cool Twists 1

Rhea and Jaimie Lastick in front of Cool Twists Frozen Creations

There is a new frozen treat shop in Phoenixville, and it’s spectacular! It’s called Cool Twists Frozen Creations, and is located at 178 Bridge Street, right in the middle of Phoenixville’s resurging downtown area.

We came across is quite by accident, walking around after having caught a matinee at the Colonial Theater. We were talking about how ice cream would be great, and suddenly there was Cool Twists. Not ice cream, but frozen yogurt in close to a dozen flavors, with multiple topping options. When people are looking for a treat, they have different concerns. My better half likes interesting things that aren’t too sweet. My overriding concern is that the ingredients will not require the use of an Epi-Pen, as I have very serious allergies. Neither of us was disappointed.

The first thing you notice when you enter Cool Twists, past both inside and outside seating, is how bright and colorful everything is: and next you notice the cleanliness. You walk back past the toppings to the various flavors, and then you pick up your disposable cup and start deciding what you want. All of the yogurt is Kosher, and while not all the toppings are Kosher, they are in individual containers, avoiding cross-contamination of any sort. (Also great for people with allergies. Easy peanut avoidance!) The yogurt is all natural, much of it low-fat or no-fat.

Cool Twists is owned by mother and daughter Rhea and Jaimie Lastick. Rhea told me that she used to work in the medical field, and worked with a lot of diabetics. Thus, the commitment to a simple treat that people with eating limitations could enjoy.

Cool TwistsThe “Twist” in Cool Twists comes from the ability to automatically twist two chosen flavors into one serving. However, you can certainly make your own concoction. Each flavor is clearly marked, and samples are readily available if you have trouble making a decision. My better half chose a mixture of Tahitian Vanilla and Espresso, and I selected two different types of chocolate. The cups are large, but since Cool Twists sells by the ounce, you can have as much or as little as you like. Great for kids and other small eaters.

toppingsAfter you select your yogurt, you’ll want to choose from the vast toppings bar. This is even a more difficult choice than the yogurt. My better half went immediately to the Reese’s pieces, since peanuts are an absolute no-no at home. I was attracted by the strawberries. Again, you can have as much or as little as you like.

Downtown Phoenixville is filled with restaurants, wine bars, gourmet shops, unique shopping experiences, outdoor music, and of course the Colonial Theater: yes, the place where they filmed part of the Steve McQueen movie The Blob, and where Blobfest is held every July. Don’t wait that long, though, to check out Cool Twists. A cool, delicious treat on any hot day.



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