Israel’s Top 10 Trending Google Event Searches in 2014

Google provides some interesting statistics on what search terms were especially popular this year in each country.

Here is the top 10 list of event-related search terms for 2014 according to Google’s Israeli users:

  1. Home Front Command – פיקוד העורף‎‎‎
    The Home Front Command Website providing emergency instructions to Israelis saw a spike in web traffic as Israel was dodging Hamas rockets fired from Gaza in July during Operation Protective Edge.
  2. Soccer World Cup – מונדיאל‎
    Israel failed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup but the tournament (June 12-July 13) was closely followed in Israel and the rest of the soccer playing world.
  3. isisMapIslamic State – דאעש‎
    Searches for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) also as known by the Arabic acronym Daʿish peaked in August as ISIL expanded its control of large parts of Iraq and Syria.
  4. Daylight Savings Time – שעון חורף‎
    On July 8, 2013, the Knesset passed a law extending Israeli Daylight Savings Time (IDT) to the last Sunday of October instead of the first Monday after October 1. Israelis confused about the change searched Google around both of these dates in order to learn when they should turn back their clocks.
  5. “Jewish State” Bill – חוק הלאום‎
    In August, the Knesset considered an amendment to Israel’s Basic Law defining Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People. The proposal says that the right to self-determination in Israel would be unique to the Jewish people, that the Hebrew language would be considered the only official language of the state of Israel (while the Arabic language would be of a special status), that the Hebrew calendar would become the official calendar of the state of Israel, and that the Hebrew law would serve as an inspiration to Israeli legislators.
  6. Cinema City Jerusalem

    Cinema City Jerusalem.

    Cinema City Jerusalem – סינמה סיטי ירושלים‎
    This 200,000 square foot, 8-floor cineplex opened in Jerusalem in February 2014. It features 19 movie theaters, an indoor mall, theater, conference hall, museum of cinema and many other attractions. Cinema City dominated Google search traffic in the Jerusalem area throughout the year. After some controversy, Cinema City decided not show movies during the Sabbath.

  7. Black Friday – בלאק פריידי‎
    The Black Friday sales offered the day after Thanksgiving are beginning to spread from the United States to the promised land as Israel’s largest computer and IT product retailer BUG ran a nine-day Black Friday Sale, and Israeli business newspapers compiled top 10 lists outlining Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.
  8. Rainbow Loom – גומילום‎
    This children’s toy peaked as a Google search term during its craze back in February. Presumably bewildered parents tried to learn what their children were talking about while children sought ideas for new projects to weave on their new Rainbow Looms.
  9. 2014 Miss Israel Mor Maman from Beersheba.

    2014 Miss Israel Mor Maman from Beersheba.

    Beauty Queen – מלכת היופי‎
    On March 5, the first Ethopian-born Miss Israel Yityish (Titi) Aynaw handed over her crown to her successor 2014 Miss Israel Mor Maman from Beersheba.

  10. Ebola – אבולה‎
    Google searches for this deadly disease trended up from August to October (especially in Tel Aviv and Haifa) as the Ebola pandemic swept through Western Africa.


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