Hagel Proves Republican Critics Wrong

Remember the vicious campaign against Chuck Hagel waged by the Emergency Committee for Israel, the Republican Jewish Coalition, Protect Our Heritage PAC and other Republican groups? They were wrong. Totally wrong.

The outgoing Defense Minister was a true friend of Israel. Said who? Israel’s defense minister, Moshe Ya’alon said. New Republic noted that Republicans attacked Hagel for being anti-Israel, but he turned out to be Israel’s closest friend.

Do not expect these Republicans to apologize for wasting our time and for attempting to besmirch Hagel’s reputation, though, and do not expect anyone to hold them accountable.

The Jerusalem Post noted that “when Jewish organizations turn out to be so wrong about their diagnosis of a particular candidate — as they were with Hagel — they end up paying a price”:

The next time they attempt to campaign against a nomination they will inevitably be less convincing. It would, therefore, be prudent to save clout and credibility for the truly important battles. The nomination of Hagel, it turns out, certainly wasn’t one of them.

Many of the same Republicans who blasted Hagel also “warned” us about Samantha Power, who blasted U.N. prejudice against Israel last week:

[T]he United States remains profoundly troubled by the repetitive and disproportionate number of one-sided General Assembly resolutions condemning Israel — a total of 18 this year.

This grossly one-sided approach damages the prospects for peace by undermining trust between parties and damaging the kind of international support critical to achieving peace. All parties to the conflict have direct responsibilities for ending it, and we are disappointed that UN Members continually single out Israel without acknowledging the responsibilities and difficult steps that must be taken on all sides.

These unbalanced, one-sided resolutions set back our collective efforts to advance a peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Middle East, and they damage the institutional credibility of the United Nations.

This administration has in common with every administration since 1967 its strong opposition to settlements, which Power also reiterated. But no administration has backed Israel at the U.N. to the extent the Obama administration has.

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