Voting Is a Jewish Duty

(NJDC) If U.S. voters agree on one thing, it is how divided they are.image

With the midterm elections coming up, Americans are divided sharply down the middle, with 44% of voters saying they will vote for a Democratic candidate for their House of Representatives district, and 41% saying they will go for the Republican candidate. The closeness of these polls makes it extremely important for Jews to get out the vote.

Polling has shown divergent attitudes toward many issues that may affect the elections, including President Obama’s signature healthcare reform law, The Affordable Care Act.

The Jewish community in the U.S. has helped fight for progressive issues throughout our country’s history. The Jews were at the forefront of the civil rights moment and women’s suffrage, and more liberal sects now support marriage equality and LGBT rights. It is our job as Jews to facilitate this progress through our vote. The call for justice within the Jewish faith is immutable.

The Jewish ideal of a community that cares for each other calls for universal healthcare, equal pay for equal work, continued support of Israel, and most importantly, the separation of church and state. These issues are basic parts of a free society, and they are crucial to U.S. Jews.

Thomas Jefferson said that in order for the Republic to work, the voters had to be educated and informed. That is why we need to stay informed and vote.

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