Obama’s War on Terror: Rhetoric vs. Reality

President Obama’s actions against terrorism are much stronger than his rhetoric against it.

We hear so much “Obama said this,” “Obama didn’t say that” that one would think we were in middle school. The reality, as Jeff Goldberg explained in Bloomberg View, is that Obama is stronger on terror than he sounds:

It is important to remember that Obama is perhaps the greatest killer of terrorists in American history…

Obama has launched strikes against Islamist terror targets in several countries. He has devastated the leadership of core al Qaeda, and just this week — as Washington opinion-makers collectively decided that he was hopelessly weak on terror — the president launched a (quite possibly successful) strike in Somalia against the leader of al-Shabab, a terror group nearly as bloodthirsty as Islamic State.

After Goldberg wrote this, the Pentagon confirmed that the U.S. did kill Ahmed Abdi Godane, the leader of al-Shabab.

However, too many of us prefer mindless rhetoric to thoughtful action, and put a growing pressure on Obama “to do something stupid.”

In the New York Daily News, Michael Cohen explained how the constant chorus of Obama’s “do something” foreign policy critics gets it wrong:

Despite missteps along the way — in particular, the dreadful 2009 decision to surge 30,000 American troops in Afghanistan — Obama’s foreign policy stewardship has increasingly become a model of deliberation and restraint. That approach often produces outcomes that are less than satisfying — but it doesn’t mean the underlying policy is unwise.

Ironically, ignoring the chorus of critics persistently calling for the Obama administration to “do something” — and do it quickly — is evidence of the resoluteness that the President is so often accused of lacking.

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