NRA and CeasefirePA: Two Visions of America’s Future

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Above are two videos. Each presents a very different view of America: should there be requirements for kids to know how to handle firearms? Should there be limits to who has guns?

In light of the events this week in Ferguson, MO., it’s time to think about what America has become, and what role guns have played in that development.

Please watch the videos and leave a comment. What do you want America to be?



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    I have watched the events in Ferguson, MO with great sadness. In my mind, the photos and videos I’ve seen look a lot more like a war torn nation than somewhere in the Midwestern United States.

    I lived in the Midwest for 3 years, and remember wide streets, big sky, friendly people, and the kind of decency and gentleness not normally aligned with the big Eastern cities. Armed militia? Really? Is this Watts, Detroit or other burning cities from the 60’s? NO. This is a different America.

    Since 9/11, as a society, we have been too willing to sacrifice freedom for “safety”, and we have received neither. That armed militia is part of a Bush-era program where excess military equipment goes to any police department that asks for it. Boys and toys.

    Meanwhile, the gun nuts have been on the rise: contributing so much to political campaigns that we can’t pass reasonable gun legislation.

    And the third stool leg? The depersonalization of human beings. We have become so violent a society, that we make excuses for the local terrorists who take automatic weapons into schools and movie theaters and just kill.

    Put it all together and you’ve got Ferguson: racism, guns, testosterone, people will weapons they cannot control and a sense that one more dead kid doesn’t matter as much as it should.

    The killing must stop. We must tell our elected officials to pass legitimate gun control. We must push them to demilitarize police forces. We must remember that someone is innocent until proven guilty, and ask questions first, shoot, chokehold, beat later, if at all. (And even then, probably not.)

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