Israeli-Born Trombone Artist to Perform on Franklin Parkway

rtimeReut Regev has owned and made music with her trombone since she was 13 years old, when her parents gifted it to her.

Regev will perform with the R*Time trio Friday, August 8, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia (free after admission). The concert is a co-presentation of the Museum of Art’s “Art After Five” series and JazzPhest, sponsored by the Consulate General of Israel in Philadelphia.

The concert will be performed in two sets: 5:45-6:45 p.m. and 7:15-8:15 p.m.

As a teenager, Regev attended a music high school in Israel and studied jazz. She was talented and accomplished on her instrument, the combination of theory and practice came easily to her, and she “played well on the changes,” but something was missing.

“I didn’t get it: Why one would give up everything else to become a musician, which is not an easy life?”, she said in an interview. “Music might be a good hobby, but not a profession.”

However, when she had the experience of playing, she experienced within herself the feeling, the “swing,” without which life “doesn’t mean a thing,” she said.

Also, Regev had “bonds of association, impulses and tradition.” The former are the people with whom she makes music, the latter two are among the palette of her influences. Regev cited the musicians with whom she is playing as her influences.

Most of the R*Time trio’s compositions are co-composed.  They have a distinctive, and prominent, sense of a “kernel,” or central phrase, usually shorter than long as a melody.

With Regev’s usual choice of trio, without the harmonic support of keyboards, it is an intentionally different kind of melody-harmony interplay that is heard and sought after.

The interaction between the trombone and the drums or percussion is notable, maybe because Regev and the drummer, Igal Foni, are spouses.

Mark Peterson is the trio’s bassist. For this concert, pianist, band leader, and composer Burton Greene will accompany the trio.


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