Cease-Fire? Not at All Costs


It is what Hamas Tunnels are constructed from. Cartoon courtesy of the Cartoon Kronicles @ http://cartoonkronicles.com

— by Steve Sheffey

We’ve seen this before. Israel is attacked, Israel defends itself, but before Israel can complete its mission, the international community, including the U.S., calls for a cease-fire.

A cease-fire that does not stop the rockets, allows the terror tunnels to remain, or that will leave Hamas in a position to attack Israel again is a non-starter.

Don’t believe everything you read about the content of various cease-fire proposals, especially those that rely on unnamed sources. Players on all sides have tremendous incentives to leak inaccurate information to gain an upper hand in negotiations or to advance personal political agendas.

Israel cannot agree to a cease-fire until it either completes its mission or concludes that the terms of a cease-fire satisfy its security concerns.

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