Philadelphia’s Contemporary Israeli Music Choir

— by Odaya Szulanski

From its inception in 1995, the composition and repertoire of the Philadelphia-based Chavurat Hazemer, “the singing group,” represented the ethnic mosaic of the Israeli society.

The Chavurah performs in different events of the local Israeli community and of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. Their musical appearances emphasize the bond between the Jewish people and their land, and the Jewish cultural heritage, history and traditions throughout the ages.

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The Chavura was started by a group of amateur Israeli singers, most of whom with past experiences in choirs, under the musical directorship of Curtis Institute of Music graduate Boaz Ben Moshe. It was sponsored primarily by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign affairs. The sponsorship of the Israeli ministry helped defray expenses, which were otherwise covered by the singing members of the Chavurah.

Following the departure of Ben Moshe and singer Rina Ben Yehoshua, Julia Zavadsky, a graduate of the Rubin Academy of Music in Israel and the Temple School of Music in Philadelphia, was appointed as musical director. She had recruited a professional piano accompanist and Rubin graduate, Michal Hefer, to rehearse weekly with the Chavurah.

Currently, the Chavurah counts with twenty members, three of whom soloists. The current musical director is Valerie Lomazov, and the professional piano accompanist is Rita Lomazov.

The Chavurah meets once a week for rehearsals. To join the choir or to engage them for an occasion, call Dalia Daskal at (267)882-7326 or Odaya Szulanski at (610)348-8495.  


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