A New Way to Boost Children’s Hebrew and Ties to Israel

by Rebecca Modell

The Israeli-American Council’s  www.israeliamerican.org Sifriyat Pijama B’America (SP-BA), which together with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation provides free monthly Hebrew children’s books to families in the United States, has partnered with Storyly, a new online platform for children’s Hebrew stories, to offer Israeli parents across the United States an innovative, fun way to improve their children’s Hebrew language skills while nurturing a love of Israeli culture.
The Israeli-American Council (IAC), will sponsor free Storyly subscriptions to SP-BA members as part of this partnership. Storyly’s pioneering service allows children to have dozens of Hebrew books read to them online as audio e-books, or read to them by friends or relatives including grandparents, aunts or uncles, live on a shared online screen. Children can bond with loved ones far away while being excited by the Hebrew language through the rich world of Israeli children’s books. Please read more information on the partnership between SP-BA and Storyly, and subscribe.

SP-BA, the Hebrew version of PJ Library, offers Jewish children, ages 2-8, and their families an opportunity to create a tradition of reading stories in Hebrew together and enjoying meaningful conversations on Jewish topics and themes at home. The goal is to foster affinity for and knowledge of Jewish values from a young age while connecting them to Israel.

“Sifriyat Pijama B’America today brings free Hebrew children’s books to more than 10,000 families throughout the United States on a monthly basis,” said Adam Milstein, a board member of the Israeli-American Council and the co-founder of SP-BA. “Our partnership with Storyly enables us to substantially expand the reach of our free community building programs and puts us on the cutting-edge of our Israeli-American community, connecting our children to the Hebrew language, Israeli culture, and Jewish values in the digital age.  Now no matter where we are, our children can interact with family and friends in Israel while reading Hebrew stories together on their iPads or computers.”

“Storyly brings Israeli story time into our home in America. My kids love it as it offers great books, and I love that it feels like our family here and in Israel is sitting in one room and enjoying reading together,” said SP-BA and Storyly subscriber, Sharon Rechter of Los Angeles, mother to Noa, 7 and Neta, 4.
Get more information on registering for free SP-BA books and becoming eligible for a free Storyly subscription today!


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