Hagel, Power, Malley: Obama’s New Appointee Will Silence Critics

Robert Malley.

— by Steve Sheffey

The pattern is predictable: President Obama appoints someone, the far right waxes hysterically about how horrible he or she is for Israel, and then, once the person in question is appointed, none of the dire prophecies come true.

When was the last time you heard about Chuck Hagel or Samantha Power from our Republican friends? Remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth that preceded their confirmations?

After taking office, Hagel issued a statement firmly reiterating our support for Israel and our commitment to stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Then, he went to Israel and finalized a huge arms deal with the Jewish State.

After taking office, Power reiterated our determination to preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. She recently announced that the U.S. “strongly supports Israel’s candidacy” for a seat on the U.N. Security Council and that she will “never give up” on that effort.

Last week, Obama appointed Robert Malley to the National Security Council, and those of us who are subscribed to the “right” emails are now being treated to another round of Republican hysteria, courtesy of recycled smears from 2008.

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Dennis Ross, Sandy Berger, and Martin Indyk wrote in The New York Review of Books that those attacks on Malley were “unfair, inappropriate, and wrong.”

Gershom Gorenberg wrote in The American Prospect that “Of all the recent efforts to smear Barack Obama, none strikes me as stranger than the claims that one of his informal advisers on foreign affairs, Robert Malley, is anti-Israel.”

But don’t worry. Once Malley takes office, you will hear nothing but crickets from our right-wing friends.

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