UNESCO Suspension of Jewish Exhibit Exposes One-Sided Policy

“Jews in front of the Wall of Solomon” by Alexandre Bida, 1880.

— by Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch

Days before its opening, under pressure from Arab states, UNESCO suspended a major exhibit at its Paris headquarters on the Jewish people and Israel.

The UNESCO chief, Irina Bokova, justified her cancellation of Monday’s Jewish exhibit by invoking UNESCO’s alleged concern not to endanger the fragile Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. Yet somehow, this noble principle of caution for peace never stopped UNESCO from excoriating Israel incessantly.

Since 2009, UN Watch has counted no less than 46 UNESCO resolutions against Israel, one on Syria, and zero on Iran, North Korea, Sudan or any other country in the world.

This malicious treatment is especially tragic because UNESCO was founded after World War II with the express purpose of combating the doctrine of the inequality of men and races. Today, as sadly, it has become a serial perpetrator of inequality.

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  1. Lee S. Bender says

    When is the West going to finally learn that funding the UN and its institutions like UNESCO does not serve our interests and is merely an exercise in self-flagellation– we pay to bash ourselves by the most hypocritical types of all who are as far from espousing the ideals of the UN as can be. But we are all too chicken and politically correct to stop the funding.

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