Some Election Results You Wouldn’t Hear About

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— by Doc Jess

You have all read about the election results of Virginia, New York and New Jersey, but here is something that will not make it to the national press.

In my own little corner of Chester County, Pennsylvania, the Democrats ran five candidates: two for supervisor at large, two for school board, and one for a regional supervisor. They won four of the five races.

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The two new supervisors, Murph Wysocki and Mark Freed, bring my township’s historic number of supervisors to a total of four.

That’s right: more than 350 years of being a township, and four Democratic supervisors. The other two served separately, so we have never before had two serving simultaneously.

In the school board? One candidate, Kevin Buraks, was re-elected, and the other, Scott Dorsey, is the first African-American to serve in any elected position in the history of our township.

The regional supervisor lost by 48 votes: If she runs again next time, she will likely win. Her small area is the part of the township where GOP registration the is highest in the county.

Did the Democratic candidates work hard? They sure did, but they always do in all elections. There were two things that really helped. First, the government shutdown.

Second, the township Democrats had signs all over that said things like “No Tea Party for our Schools: Vote Democratic.” The candidates ran as proud Democrats.

The School Board candidates had the added advantage of running against actual tea-baggers, as shown by their contribution histories to people like Cruz, Rubio and Bachmann, as well as photos with those folks.

Congratulations to Wysocki, Freed, Dorsey and Buraks.  


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