GOP Negotiations Are On Cruz Control

According to Ezra Klein:

One thing that’s gotten lost in the debate over the shutdown is how much Democrats have already conceded to Republicans on spending. This is partly the consequence of the direct spending cuts in the 2011 debt-ceiling deal and partly the consequence of sequestration (which was, of course, also part of the 2011 deal). Still, the bottom line is that Republicans have been so successful at making Obamacare concessions the issue that Democratic concessions on spending have gone almost unnoticed.

Meanwhile, Jedd Lugum of Think Progress tweets out what kind of “compromise” the Republicans are demanding from Obama.



  1. carlwk3c says

    Compromise can be a dirty word … When it means giving in to evil.

    To the Dems, it’s a “cut” when spending is reduced from their planned increases, even when the result is an increase over previous levels.  They always want more and consider it a cut when they get more, but not as much as they wanted.

    As a convert to Judaism, I am confused … and sickened … by the number of Jews who buy into the leftist/statist idea that the government should take from those who produce and give to those who won’t.

    Of occurred, charity is a mitzvah, but living off of it shouldn’t be a multigenerational “family business” either.

    I have a solution to our country’s financial problems …

    Stop forcing the productive members of society to subsidize the existence of the unproductive.
    Stop forcing us to feed them.
    Stop forcing us to house them.
    Stop forcing us to heal them.
    Stop forcing us to hire them.
    Stop forcing us to promote them.
    Stop forcing us to serve them.
    Stop forcing us to provide them with cellphones and other toys to amuse and entertain them.
    Stop pretending that living as parasites is “normal” and acceptable behavior for human beings.

    From that point forward, nature will sort things out.

    I pray that the republicans don’t cave in (yet again) to the Dems’ demands for more leftist/statist policies that only lead to slavery.  Let my people go!

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