“Pay-What-You-Wish” at NMAJH During Government Shutdown

National Museum of American Jewish History. Photo: Jeff Goldberg.

— by Ilana Blumenthal

As a private, non-profit institution located on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, the National Museum of American Jewish History will remain open during the federal government shutdown.

The museum will offer “pay-what-you-wish” admission during the duration of the shutdown. The museum will operate under its regularly-scheduled hours; all events taking place at the museum will continue as scheduled.    



  1. carlwk3c says

    Apparently the Obama regime hasn’t noticed yet that the museum is still open.

    They’ve been too busy barricading veterans out of privately funded open air memorials that are normally not staffed, throwing elderly couples out of the homes they own on federal lands in Nevada, closing privately owned inns on the Blue Ridge Parkway (the road is open to traffic, but privately owned businesses located along it are being barricaded by federal officers to shut them down), and trying to close the ocean.  (If you don’t believe this, you’re not watching news, just the ministry of propaganda).

    If Obama doesn’t get his way soon, his tantrum will expand and more and more things on or next to “federal land” will be shut down.

    After all, the whole objective of this exercise is to cause as much pain and inconvenience as possible in an effort to stir a public outcry to give the Emperor what he wants …  (It can’t possibly be about spending because it’s costing them more to force the closure of all of these places than it would to just leave people alone.  

    The “side benefits” for the statists, of course, are more control over more aspects of our lives and more conditioning the sheeple to submit to any exercise of “authority,” no matter how illogical, unjustifiable, and immoral.

  2. Rachel Garber says

    If you are going to post something about the War Memorial the least you can do is get the facts straight. I went to Wikipedia and this is what I found. Marcy Kaptur (D-Oh) introduced a bill in 1987 to create a WWII memorial, it was HR-3742. Resolution was authorized by the American Memorial Battle Monument Commission. to establish a war memorial. I won’t go into long details, however, it was finally signed into law by President Bill Clinton on 9/30/94. Clinton appointed an 12 man advisory board to pick a site, design the memorial, and raise money to build it. There was huge fundraising effort, with private donations as well as corporate funding. The US government approved $16 million. It is now administered by the National Park Service. THAT IS WHY IT IS CLOSED, THE PARK SERIVE WAS FURLOUGHED. If you are going to criticize the closing of the memorial, don’t you think you should double check your “facts” before spouting off complaining about the president. Btw, re: the budget the Affordable Care Act, it was voted on by Congress in 2010, which is when the discussion about funding should have been raised, the president signed it into law, and the Supreme Court declared it constitutional. So as far as him having a tantrum I think the ones having the tantrum are the Teapublicans and John Boehner. He won’t negotiate. Hmm, trying to do an end run around the Affordable Care Act.

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