Releasing Murderers for Peace Negotiations: The Fight Begins Now

— by David Bedein

The impression that Israel has released 100 terrorists from jail last week, as the Arabs’ term for renewing the peace negotiations, is wrong. Israel has not yet released any murderers. The reality is that the Israeli government must now go through a mandatory “risk assessment” process for every murderer who may be released, as required by Israeli penal law.

In previous murderer releases, the Israeli government ignored that process, because Israeli lives were on the line: Gilad Shalit, Elchanon Tannenbaum, and others who were already dead, but the government of Israel held out the possibility that they were alive, as in the case of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.

Today, no lives of specific people are at stake — only the lives that freed convicts would kill. The Israel Resource News Agency’s Center for Near East Policy Research visited the prisons in which many of these Arab terrorist convicts are jailed, and produced the short film, For the Sake of Allah, where convicts state openly that if freed, they would resume their campaign of murder.

The mandatory “risk assessment” process must be applied for every convict, as mandated by the penal law in Israel. According to the highest sources in Israeli intelligence, such a process would result in the cancellation of some of the orders to free some of the murderers, whose presence on the streets of Israel constitute a threat to human life.

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