In Time of Need: For Times of Loss, We take care of all the details

Dad's Candle - 2013— by Karen Cooke and Shelley Marine

As we hugged the family goodbye, the mourner’s words resonated in our ears, “You truly helped us get through a most difficult time. The loss of a dad is so tough. Thank you for your patience and sound advice.” Once again, we felt the warmth of being allowed into someone’s family when they were vulnerable and really needed a shoulder to lean on.

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Having felt the emotional turmoil of losing a loved one and wishing there was a place to turn for help and guidance, inspired us to form In Time of Need. Our business provides a less stressful alternative to planning and arranging a shiva or memorial service. People are so overwhelmed by the loss of a loved one, and there are so many details that need to be taken care of immediately.  Our service permits the mourner to begin the grieving process, without having to arrange for everything involved in putting together a shiva, or memorial service.

As Judaism mandates that burials happen as soon as possible, we are prepared to drop everything as soon as we receive a call from a client. We clear our schedules so we can be there fully to attend to the family’s needs.  We’re finding that people need help at this time. They are focused on grief and they can’t focus on food, and all the logistics of people coming back to their house after the funeral.

As a Jewish business, In Time of Need understands the specific rituals involved with a death. When Tori W. found she needed help, Joseph Levine and Sons funeral home referred her to In Time of Need. “They helped us with everything. We knew because they were Jewish, everything would be handled in a very specific way,” she observed.

Given the way society has changed, we are convinced more people will be looking for our services in the  future. Children live far from parents, and busy schedules often prevent people from helping in the most difficult times. Many want the option not to think about the details, they want to think about their loved one.
We base our services on the individual needs of each family. In addition to being there for the family the day of the funeral, many have asked us to come back for the remaining days of shiva. We coordinate the meals, prepare and serve dinner, and then turn the home over to receive friends for services, and see to it that everything is put away before they leave. At the end of the night, the mourner is free to simply find some time for themselves. Giving a family comfort is what we strive to do.

Contact: Karen Cooke 267-226-0758, Shelley Marine  484-437-2468, [email protected]


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