Gov. Haley Fixes Appointing White Supremacist as Campaign Co-Chair

— by Jacob Miller

Last week, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced the appointment of Roan Garcia-Quintana to her Grassroots Advisory Committee. A report from the Southern Poverty Law center showed that Garcia-Quintana had deep links to the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC). CCC is designated as a nationalist hate group. After pressure from the Southern Poverty Law Center and NJDC, Governor Haley announced she was removing Garcia Quintana. Garcia-Quintana’s white supremacist statements and actions have also been well documented by the Anti-Defamation League.

Post and Curier report after the jump.
Today Brian Hicks of the Post and Courier wrote about the decision:

Last week, the National Jewish Democratic Council pointed out Garcia-Quintana’s affiliation with the Council of Conservative Citizens — a group that opposes the promotion of “non-white” races over European Americans — and asked the governor to dump him.

The cynical view here is that Haley used the holiday weekend to distance herself some from unnecessary controversy. Self-preservation is nothing new from the governor’s office.

But maybe Haley actually didn’t want to associate with a guy who holds intolerant views, which would bode well for her political maturity.

Or maybe she just realized it would have looked hypocritical to get indignant about Jake Knotts’ “raghead” comment and then ignore this.

Whatever the reason, she did the right thing.


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