Cooking (and Laughing) with the Calamari Sisters

Cooking with the Calamari Sisters
Through: May 19, 2013.
At: Society Hill Playhouse, 507 S. Eighth St.
Tickets: $45.
Information: 215-923-0210 or ComcastTIX.

— by Lisa Grunberger

Cooking with the Calamari Sisters has two weeks left of a long run at Society Hill Playhouse, and if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and “Screw the Gym, Pass the Lasagna,” as the Calamari Sisters say and go to this fabulously entertaining show.

This campy, irreverent show stars Jay Falzone as Delphine Calamari, and Stephen Smith as his sister Carmela Calamari. Yes, this is a tour-de-force drag show, complete with audience participation, improvisation, risqué humor, song and dance, and real cooking. From sausage jokes to Jesus jokes, the Calamari Sisters strikes the right balance of campy irreverence and edginess — it’s difficult not to laugh out loud, and laugh you will.

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Created with Dan Lavender, the show comes to Philadelphia after a two year run in Rochester, NY. This over-the-top show pokes fun at food shows like “The Rachael Ray Show” even as it covets a place in the holy grail of the Food Network. Learn about “Antipasta for Anorexics: Dishes Desgined to Block Your Arteries,” and Grandma Minestrone as you watch these tireless, professional drag queens bring the house down in a highly engaging performance that will leave you humming “Volare” as you walk onto 8th Street. “In our family, the only zone is a calzone,” says the Calamari Sisters.  



  1. DCalamari says

    Lisa, dear, Delphine Calamari here.  Thank you so much for the kind words, but I must say, I’m shocked at the inaccuracies.  I’ll grant you that I might not be Miss America, but to say that I’m a man.  I take umbrage!  Carmela and I play ourselves.  And to call Jay Falzone and Stephen Smith “professional drag queens” is just appalling.  Now granted, in addition to creating our shows, both of them are well traveled professional ACTORS in their own right.  Yes, they’ve both attended college and received degrees in Theatre Performance, and went on to perform in national tours and regional productions across the country!  But even that RuPaul person would tell you that there’s a big difference between an ACTOR playing a role and a DRAG QUEEN.  

    Again, I’m so glad you loved the show!  Please come see one of our other shows!  Carmela and I would love to give you an interview at some point if you like.  

    Delphine Calamari

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