NJDC: Fleischer Must Retract Inaccurate Nazi Claim‏

Jewish Democratic Council Executive Director Aaron Keyak called on former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer to retract his inaccurate statement regarding Nazi Germany’s conduct during WWII:

Ari Fleischer is a smart man, but even smart people can make ridiculous statements and should admit when they’ve make mistakes. Fleischer should think long and hard about his claim that Nazi Germany ‘followed the law of war,’ and retract it.

According to Think Progress, Fleischer said in reference to Nazi Germany:

They [Nazi Germany] followed the law of war, they wore uniforms, and they fought us on battlefields. These people are fundamentally, totally by design different. And they need to be treated in a different extrajudicial system.

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Think Progress also noted:

Apparently, according to Fleischer, in order to follow the laws of war, all one has to do is wear a uniform and fight the enemy on a grassy field. But of course the Germans committed countless brutal and vicious war crimes during World War II.


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