Perelman Jewish School Third Graders Learn Entrepreneurship

Josh Kopelman

— by Ronit Treatman

What is the most effective way to teach young people about entrepreneurship? To have seasoned businesspeople demonstrate how it is done. Entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Josh Kopelman, of First Round Capital, invited the third grade students at Perelman Jewish Day School’s Stern Center to visit him at First Round. They will have the opportunity to present business plans to him and two other venture capitalists, Wayne Kimmel and Marc Singer.

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The visit, which will take place on Thursday, April 25, is the culmination of a third grade unit of study about venture capitalism that began last fall. The students were taught basic business terminology and learned the steps to creating a successful business: starting with a big idea, developing a business plan, and considering such variables as the consumers, market, price, and location.

Singer (left) and Kimmel

The third graders were then asked to think about what sort of business they would want to start when they grow up. They formed partnerships with their classmates based on similar interests, and from there set out to develop a plan, and design their own businesses. In addition, Kopelman visited the third grade classes and taught an interactive lesson about the fundamentals of entrepreneurism and venture capitalism.  

The Stern third graders have continued to work with their business partners to further develop their big ideas, and look forward to presenting their business plans to the three venture capitalist dads. Who knows? Maybe an angel investment will occur!


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