Seder in Ribadavia: What Do You Serve After 500 Years?

— by Ronit Treatman

For the first time since the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, a Passover Seder is being hosted in Ribadavia. Ribadavia is a town in northwestern Spain, which during the Middle Ages had a thriving Jewish community. Some of the buildings from the old Jewish quarter are still standing, including its synagogue.  

Ribadavia’s Centre for Medieval Studies and its tourism department are embarking on a project to reclaim and teach about the town’s Sephardic heritage. This year, they are organizing a kosher Passover Seder. Historian Dr. Abraham Haim, whose specialty is the Sephardic world, is conducting it. The Seder will be preceded by a lecture entitled The Jewish Passover and Jesus’s Last Supper.  

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What is the recreation of a Sephardic Passover menu in the middle Ages?

  • Kosher wine
  • Matza
  • The ritual Seder plate
  • A soup of seven vegetables
  • Braised hake served over a bed of eggplant salad
  • Seasonal fruit salad
  • Assorted beverages
  • Coffee  

For those who are in the area this Passover, the seder will take place on March 25th at 8:00 PM, and will be followed by a tour of the Juderia (Jewish Quarter) of Ribadavia. The price for the dinner is approximately $40 per person. For reservations, email [email protected].


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