Summer With The School of Rock

— by Ronit Treatman

As the daughter of a classically trained pianist, I was extremely skeptical when my children told me they wanted to learn to play musical instruments at the Philadelphia School of Rock. I could just hear my grandmother snorting, “Feh, what kind of teaching is that?”

Much to my surprise, the system is outstanding. At the School of Rock, the students immediately begin to learn to play whatever they want. The instructors break down the songs, and the kids learn how to play them. No time is spent on tedious tasks like practicing scales.

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My son has been learning at the School of Rock for the past three years. He has learned how to play both electric and acoustic guitars. He has written and performed his own songs, and started a band. He  loves the way he connects with his teachers: “They have become my friends,” he told me. Many young people are enrolled at the School of Rock. Those who join the School of Rock’s bands have the opportunity to make meaningful new friendships.  

A great way to get a taste of the School of Rock is by enrolling in a summer camp session. It lasts long enough to understand what the School of Rock is all about. One of the coolest things about the School of Rock is that the professional bands on tour in Philadelphia drop in. When they do, they jam with the School of Rock’s students.  


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