Mix it Up: Cereal and Fruits

— by Dakota Marine

As I opened the cereal cupboard in the kitchen of my Sorority house, my eyes scanned the top shelf, as I looked for my Rice Chex cereal. I wanted to make something different, a fun food invention. After seeing a couple of my Sorority sisters create these crazy colored, deliciously filled bags of homemade trail mix, I decided it was my turn.

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I pulled out the box of cereal, measured a cup of Chex and dumped it into a small zip-loc baggy. Then I added in a handful of dark red sticky Craisins and shook the bag, shuffling the food up and down. Even with just two ingredients, this snack looked salty and sweet and ready to eat, but I could not stop there. I waterfall-dropped some Almonds in the bag and again shook it up and down. I returned to my room to finish off my creation, I rummaged in my food drawer until I found my last bag of freeze-dried fruit. I tore the bag open and dumped in the freeze-dried strawberries and bananas.

The mix looked complete. The colorful array of the burgundy Craisins, the bright redish-pink strawberries and the soft earth tones of the Chex cereal, the bananas and almonds. My first bite was full of crunch of the Chex, mixed with a soft, squishy after bite from the Craisins. The strawberries and bananas melted in my mouth, as I went back for a second bite. There’s something to be said about playing with your food when you’re over the age of a toddler… but I’m not embarrassed to say, I play with my food and I have fun.

Dakota Marine is the creator of Eat My Tailgate, where she takes us into her sorority’s kitchen.


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