Yahoo Runs Deceiving Photo with Reuters Article

(CAMERA) A Reuters article was posted yesterday on,with the headline”Israel Hits Target in Syria Border Area: Sources” under which was posted a large photo of children carrying a dead body. The Israeli strike was on a Syrian convoy transferring weapons to the Hezbollah terrorist group in Lebanon. And the photo, in fact, had no connection whatsoever to the article about the Israeli strike.

We traced the origin of the photo. It was taken by a Reuters stringer on Jan. 25, 2012 and it showed children carrying the body of a friend that was killed by shelling during heavy fighting between the Free Syrian Army and the forces of Syrian President Bashar al Assad in Jobar district of Damascus. Here is the screen capture of the article, as it appeared around noon, Jan. 30, 2013 on Yahoo’s news site.

The question is who at YAHOO made the decision to run an old photo falsely insinuating that Israelis were responsible for the death of a child? It represents journalistic bias at its worst.  



  1. Joseph B Fischer says

    Yahoo News has a news article about Israel’s alleged attack on Syrian anti-aircraft weapons. At the top is a heart breaking photo of a wounded little girl. The implication is that the girl was wounded in the Israeli attack.

    If you read the photo caption, it turns out the girl was wounded in an unrelated Syrian attack on rebels.

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