Obama Takes Steps To Stop “The Epidemic Of Gun Violence”

— by David Streeter

President Barack Obama took several steps yesterday in order to strengthen America’s gun laws and prevent future gun violence-including the signing of 23 new executive orders designed to stop
“the epidemic of gun violence in this country.” The Washington Post summarized the President’s actions yesterday:

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Obama called on Congress to swiftly pass legislation to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines for civilian use and to require universal background checks for all gun buyers. Obama’s proposals include mental health and school safety measures, as well as a tough new crackdown on gun trafficking.

Obama spoke in a White House ceremony to formally unveil the proposals and to sign executive orders and paperwork initiating immediate administrative actions, including steps to strengthen the existing background-check system, promote research on gun violence and provide training in dealing with ‘active shooter situations.’

Taken together, the gun-control proposals rank among Obama’s most ambitious legislative projects, along with his fiscal stimulus package, his health-care law and Wall Street regulations – all achieved when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. Administration officials said Wednesday that the proposals do not represent specific legislation. But they said that in the coming weeks, the White House would be working with members of a divided Congress to develop bills to implement as much of the package as possible.

The White House launched a new resource page on its website that outlines the President’s approach to curbing gun violence. Click here to learn more.


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