A Semester-Long Leadership Program For American Youth In Israel

“Jewish communities around the world are in need of young leaders who are strong in their Judaism, active in their communities and possess first-hand knowledge of Israel, both her beauty and challenges”, says Sivan Bamberger, Director of Dror Leadership High School.

Dror Leadership High School, a semester study-abroad program for North American 10th and 11th graders in Israel, is an incredible opportunity to experience all Israel has to offer. Located in the Galilee city of Karmiel, students study as a separate American class within a larger Israeli high school. Through the experiences of making long-lasting friendships with both Israeli and North American peers, volunteering in the local community and exploring Israel’s most important sites, students gain independence, responsibility and self — and social — awareness in a supervised environment.  

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Bamberger remembers her experience: “as a graduate of a similar program I know there is no better way to cement a vision for the future and live the adventure of a lifetime than to spend a semester of high school in Israel. And of course, this program makes for a great college essay!”

Students at Dror Leadership High School travel throughout Jewish history, from ancient to modern times, shape their Shabbat and Jewish festive and holy days and discover how each person’s Jewish identity compares to that of their peers, while connecting Jewish practice with the Jewish homeland.

Together, students actively engage in Israel, take part in service learning and live as independent and responsible maturing young adults. All of this while continuing to excel academically according to the required curriculum of each student’s home school!

For more information, contact Sivan Bamberger or call her: 972-54-673-5372, or learn more at the Kibbutz Program Center at (212) 462-2764. Visit us on facebook or look us up online.  


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