Southern Task Force – Yonatan

Bringing Candies from Philadelphia to IDF Soldiers on the Gaza Border

At the initiative of Rabbi Shmuel Jablon, a large suitcase full of candies was donated by the Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia and brought to Israel for Israeli soldiers in the IDF.  The candies were taken to Kibbutz Alumim, located a mere 4 kilometers from the Gaza border, where representatives from Southern Task Force – Yonatan, distributed the candies amongst a regiment of IDF soldiers serving on the Israeli border, at Nachal Oz.  

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Memorial to Lt. Col. Jonathan Netanyahu, Hero of Entebbe, at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia.

Southern Task Force – Yonatan is comprised of a group of 25 young men and women, who met through a Facebook group, and established a one-year post high school program, Southern Task Force – Yonatan, in memory of Yonatan (Yoni) Netanyahu) z”l, on Kibbutz Alumim, affiliated with the Religious Kibbutz Movement.  The program combines Jewish studies with agricultural work.

During this year these youngsters prepare themselves for their army service and, at the same time, help local farmers and work in welfare and education in Sderot and Netivot.  The young men and women feel that they can contribute significantly to the local population, especially following Operation Pillar of Defense that occurred here several weeks ago.


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