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    From Squidoo:

    How to spell Hannukah? There is no right answer!

    The pie chart here is from the blog Unbecoming Levity — the author researched spellings of this Jewish Holiday in a dictionary search and plotted out which are the most common spellings. His conclusion: Hanukkah 39%, Chanukah 31%, Hanukah 7%, and about 16 other variants take the rest.

    I just did a Google search of my own and in 2009 these were some results (I didn’t have the patience to drill down to the more exotic variations:

    hanukkah 5,230,000
    chanukah 1,450,000
    hannukah 626,000
    hanukah 363,000
    hanuka 196,000
    chanuka 180,000
    hanukka 70,700
    hannuka 58,800
    khanuke 3,410

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