Agudath Israel Salutes Obama’s Unwavering Support of Israel

Letter from Agudath Israel of America to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

We at Agudath Israel of America and our constituency of Orthodox Jews across the United States, salute your clear and unwavering support of Israel’s security.

Your recent public words confirming our nation’s endorsement of Israel’s right to defend herself, and place responsibility for the current conflict squarely where it belongs, in the lap of Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza, are deeply appreciated.

Thank you also for your leadership and foresight in 2010, when the United States committed considerable special aid to Israel for the expansion of the Iron Dome missile interception system. Today we see how Iron Dome has played so crucial a role in recent days in preventing loss of innocent life and destruction of property.

In a time when some other nations, sadly, seem equivocal regarding terrorism, whether waged by individuals or by state actors like the current government in Gaza, the clarity of vision and resolve you have demonstrated set an example of how principle is more important than politics.

Thank you once again. As always, you are in our thoughts and prayers.


Rabbi David Zwiebel


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