Adelson: “Netanyahu does not obey me more than Peres does”

– by Amir Shoam

Israel Hayom free daily owner Sheldon Adelson wrote today in his own paper an op-ed titled Ehud Olmert’s conspiracy theory, responding to former prime minister’s accusations of current PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s “interfering in US elections for an American billionaire with a clear interest in them”.

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“Olmert recently brought up a weird conspiracy theory about me – a theory that could be flattering if it wasn’t that ridiculous”, he wrote. “Reading Olmert’s accusations I recalled the joke about the Jew who preferred anti-Semitic papers for they tell us so many good news: how the Jews rule the congress, manage the media, control international politics. I’m not saying Olmert is anti-Semitic, but that he attributes me with power I just don’t have”.

“A lot has been said about my friendship with Netanyahu, mostly by Olmert and ‘Yedioth Aharonoth’, ‘Israel Hayom’s competitor. It’s easy to forget that I’m also close friends with Shimon Peres, Eli Wiesel and Alan Dershowitz, a known supporter of president Obama. Netanyahu does not obey my orders more than the rest of my friends do”.


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