Romney Batting 0 out of 2 In His Senate Endorsements

Romney caught a lot of flak for his first commercial endorsing a Republican Senate candidate. The recipient of Romney’s largess Richard Mourdock made controversial comments the following day about rape, conception and God’s will.

Now, Romney has repeated his performance by cutting a commercial for North Dakota Senate candidate Rick Berg. Rick Berg is famous for supporting “a bill that would have made getting an abortion a class AA felony” in North Dakota, with no exceptions. In other words, rape and incest victims getting an abortion would be liable to life in prison!

Romney has not recorded an advertisement for Todd Akin who claimed that women cannot get pregnant during a “legitimate rape”. However, the National Republican Senate Campaign Committee apparently has. While the NRSC earlier disavowed Akin, an anonymous group is financing Akin’s latest ad campaign, and the NRSC is refusing to comment on its involvement. Meanwhile, the conservative National Journal reported this weekend that:

Missouri Republican Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin was arrested at least eight times in the 1980s at anti-abortion protests, according to newly obtained records….

Akin was arrested on October 26, 1985, April 19, 1986 and February 28, 1987 for trespassing. A December, 27 1986 arrest was for “trespassing and peace disturbance.” The arrests reported by the Post-Dispatch came in the same period, between March 1985 and May 1987, but occurred at other clinics. Three were in St. Louis and one in Granite City, Illinois. The paper said protesters tried to block access to the clinics and refused to leave. In one case, Akin was carried out by police. The last known arrest came shortly before Akin’s 1988 election to the Missouri State House, where he served for 12 years before he joined the House.


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