What you can do in Frankenstorm….

It's so dark outside. Luckily, it's still light INSIDE! 

Update from the weekend: our OFA location knocked on a total of 2268 doors and called 2502 people. To everyone who was out there yesterday – THANKS! It really matters.

Our staging location is down the hall from one of Manan Trivedi's offices. Manan stopped by yesterday. It's always nice to see him. Even this late in the campaign, he looks and sounds GOOD! The race is much closer than the 2010 race, Manan has terrific ads up on TV and his people are benefiting from help from the Sierra Club and PCCC, which both endorsed him. If you have power where you are and want to help, you can click here to make calls for Manan tonight from 4 – 6. It's a system where you only speak to live people, as the system doesn't put you through to machines. There are other PCCC endorsees for whom you can call at different times between now and the election. 

The picture has Manan at the Paoli Blues fest a few weeks ago – if you see the blue sign on the booth to the right – that was our local organization's site – it was a bright sunny day, and Manan was out meeting the folks. We spoke to many people that day, and since it was the weekend after the first debate, you can imagine that many people had, um, questions.

Manan has run an exemplary race, and if you've got a phone from 4 – 6 tonight, please consider helping making calls. If I have power, I'll be making calls, and I'd consider your participation a personal favour.   

That's all I've got for now. Thankfully, I'll be able to work my job from home today, and we'll see what the next hours bring. Good luck to all in the storm's path.  

UPDATE 11:15 from the campaign:

Due to weather conditions, the auto-dial phone-bank has been postponed. We will be holding the auto-dial phone-bank this Thursday, Nov. 1 from 4-6PM. This will be a big Day of Action for the Trivedi campaign, as we hope people will make calls from 4-6, then head over to West Chester to supportManan in his debate against Jim Gerlach, which starts at 7:30PM this Thursday. The debate will be held at the Daily Local News building, located at 250 N. Bradford Ave. in West Chester.



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