Romney Not Ready To Be Commander in Chief

— by Jason Berger

Tonight, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are squaring off in a foreign policy debate, giving the American people a glance at what their Commander in Chief will look like over the next four years. As American Jews, what the candidates say tonight will be particularly relevant to us. For us, the status of the US-Israel relationship, Israel’s security, and thwarting Iran’s nuclear program are particularly important issues. Between his comments and behavior surrounding U.S.-Russia relations, the successful raid on Osama Bin Laden, Iran sanctions, and security cooperation with Israel, Romney has shown that he is not ready to be Commander in Chief. Let’s review the governor’s flubs since he started running for president:

During his trip abroad in July, Romney had at least one gaffe at every single one of his stops:

While at home, Romney has also made quite a few relevant foreign policy gaffes:

Thus far, Romney has been unable to pass the Commander in Chief test on a number of issues. Judging by his foreign policy credentials alone, he’s clearly not ready for prime time.  


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