Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter On Presidential Debate

— Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

The win tonight soundly goes to President Obama who laid out a clear vision to create more jobs on top of the 5.2 million jobs created in the last 31 months. Tonight we also saw the real Mitt Romney-not the phony ‘moderate Mitt’ we’ve seen in recent days, spewing lies that Americans with pre-existing conditions will be covered after he repeals Obamacare, pretending he has a plan to pay for $5 trillion in new tax breaks slanted towards millionaires and outsourcers, or pretending he won’t raise taxes on middle-class families by $2,000.

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We heard the self-professed ‘severely conservative’ Mitt who wants to ‘get rid’ of Planned Parenthood and gut funding for Pell Grants-the guy who was caught on tape behind closed doors with fellow millionaires deriding nearly half the country as freeloaders not worth ‘worrying’ about. The real Mitt Romney’s plan to restore the failed policies of the past that would be devastating for the middle class today.  

The President was clear in his position on violence in America and reaffirmed his commitment to banning assault weapons, while Mitt Romney never answered the question and appears to not even realize that there is violence in America. President Obama understands the issue of violence in cities like Philadelphia, while Mitt Romney has never acknowledged that. ‘Make Believe Mitt’ showed up at the debate tonight-and the President showed him what someone who really cares about the middle class looks like.


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