Klein: GOP is Twisting the Truth about Obama and Israel

— by Gabe Cahn

Former Representative Ron Klein (D-FL) rebutted the fallacies driving GOP attacks on Obama’s track record of support for Israel in a recent op-ed article for the Sun Sentinal. Klein wrote:

The truth starts where it hurts most for the GOP – in the numbers.

President Obama has maintained his share of the Jewish vote in Florida and across the country. The American Jewish Committee’s latest Florida poll shows that, if the election were held today, the President would win more than 70 percent of the Jewish vote in Florida…

Having represented South Florida in Congress and having served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I know the dangerous threats Israel faces on a daily basis. I have seen up close and have personally talked with President Obama about his deep commitment to ensuring Israel’s safety and security. While Gov. Romney has only made inconsistent promises and reckless rhetoric about Middle East policy, President Obama has a record of statements – and more importantly, actions and results – on behalf and in support of Israel’s security.

Consider the strengthening of the U.S.-Israel relationship since President Obama took office. Record levels of aid for Israel’s security coupled with additional investments in the Iron Dome system to protect Israeli families from rocket attacks. Security and intelligence cooperation are at all-time highs. The largest joint military exercises between our nations in history. And a repeated, consistent, and forceful defense of Israel at the United Nations.

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Then there’s the Iranian nuclear program. President Obama worked with all of us in Congress to enact the most far-reaching and toughest sanctions ever imposed on the Iranian regime. He built an international coalition to punish and sanction Iran for failing to live up to its international obligations.

The results are clear: Iran is more isolated than ever, its economy is faltering, its oil exports are decreasing, its currency is plummeting, and its people are protesting in the streets.

President Obama has said, time and again, that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable; that containment is not his policy; that he will leave every option, including the military option, on the table to confront the Iranian threat.

As Republican donors and campaign operatives disseminate half-truths, it’s time for them to confront some hard facts: the president’s record on Israel meets the highest pro-Israel standard.  He has the toughest record of any President in dealing with Iran and he will do what is necessary to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

President Obama has earned our support by his actions, his values, and his record.

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