Lots New at NewCaje Jewish Educators Conference

This is not your Hebrew School experience. NewCaje is the conference where Jewish educators, famous and little known, come to teach one another all that’s new, deep and meaningful, and emerging in the rapidly changing field of afternoon school Jewish education.

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Session titles include lots of technology:

  • “How to use Facebook to teach the Amidah”
  • “Torah Tweets”

and youth culture:

  • Hip Hop Chevruta

and empowering methodologies:

  • Jewish Montessori

and tachlis about new, effective methods for teaching Hebrew, administration, teacher supervision, re-visioning Jewish education and hundreds of sessions more.

The networking opportunities have proven incredibly valuable and well-structured via affinity groups at meals. Evening events were first class, standing ovation showcases including stunning new talent and many headliners like Peninnah Schram, Sam Glaser, Naomi Leis, Kol b’Seder, the Baal Shem Tones, Doug Cotler, Ellen Allard, Saul Kay, & comedian Kenny Ellis, and many more.

Also widely on-stage and visible is this year’s team of Jewish storytellers in honor of Peninnah Schram and the release of Mitzvah Stories: Seeds for Inspiration and Learning, published by Reclaiming Judaism Press in her honor. (pictured with Peninnah Schram are Cherie Karo Schwartz, Jennifer Rudick-Zunikoff, Rabbi Dan Gordon, Gerald Fierst, Rabbi Janie Grackin, Penninah Schram and Rabbi Goldie Milgram.  

We’ll be posting footage from some of the sessions during the coming week — be in touch if you have innovations to share next year or a question or research topic in Jewish education and want to know to whom to reach out. Kol haKavod to Cherie Koller-Fox for the NewCaje renaissance!


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