When You Have To Go: Tel Aviv

New in Israel, a boutique toilet chain store. You walk by this store on this busy Tel Aviv Street right by the Carmel market and from the outside is seems just like any other storefront, only that it features toilets- not for purchase, but for use. Let’s take a look. This European trend has infiltrated the Israeli market, which does have toilets for pay at bus stations, among other locations. However, the service, hygiene and costs are not the same. It costs 3 shekels to use one of these boutique toilets, about half a Euro, but the feel is not of a regular public bathroom, but almost like you’ve entered a hotel washroom. With music playing in the background, nice decor, and pleasant service, this boutique answers a basic need that everybody has. The store hosts about 400 people a day, who are interested in the experience. The store opens Sunday through Friday and closed on the Sabbath, in compliance with the usual Israeli stores operating hours.


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