A Bolder Career Move for George Clooney

I have a wonderful ideal for that intrepid scion of Liberal America, George Clooney. His newest endeavor, soliciting Obama contributions from rich folks in Switzerland, is a waste of his talent.  He should listen to his Jewish Mother, meaning myself, and marshal his bountiful charms and irresistible punim for a more lofty goal. That is, saving California. The Left Coast is the ancestral homeland of his tribe, and if they don’t watch it, they may be wandering in the desert.

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As the exalted Governor Jerry Brown will soon find out, there is just so many ways to squeeze the tax base, until they slip on their Birkenstocks and run. The upper tier of this base knows how to protect themselves. Oprah Winfrey, no slouch in business, wisely avoids paying California residency taxes. Who would have thought she could be so, dare I say, Right thinking? So far, no one has complained that she doesn’t give  her “fair share.” Ms. Winfrey is a rich Democrat, so she is immune to criticism. Only rich Republicans face media ire.

Lacking assistants, the most endangered of California’s species is middle class. Their only option is to sell their home, a Herculean feat nowadays, or simply evacuate via “jingle mail,” for more hospitable climates, Jingle mail is a well known practice in the states most profoundly hit with the decimation of housing prices, such as Nevada, Arizona  and Florida. It refers to homeowners giving up on underwater mortgages and sending their keys to the bank, hence the term, “jingle mail.” Some emigrated to more hospitable job climates, like Texas, with an unemployment rate of 6.9% and Utah, with a rate of 6% .  I suppose the heartier jingle mailers could have opted for North Dakota, 3%, or South Dakota 4.3%.

Where is the EPA on this endangered species? Perhaps they were occupied with trying to save a tiny fish, the two inch Delta smelt. This smelt emergency resulted in turning off the sprinkler that irrigates the farms of the Central Valley,  The sturdy farmers were no match for the Leftist EPA and many went belly up for lack of water. Not one movie star protested the farmer’s plight. Clooney and company could have done a telethon at least.

California has elected itself the Kingdom of all Environmental Loonies, and they have paid dearly for it. Environmentalists gone wild destroy the business climate with burdensome regulations. California has an unemployment rate of 10.3%, which is over the national rate of 8.3%.  Add this misery to has some of the highest local state taxes in the country and generous  public employee pensions. These pensions are unfunded by due to shrinking tax base and flight of business. Now the Golden State is significantly tarnished by three municipal bankruptcies. The cities of Stockton, Mammoth Lakes and San Bernardino have all filed for bankruptcy protection.

As shocking and stupendous as the Stockton bankruptcy was, San Bernardino’s bankruptcy is a personal tragedy for me, since I had family there at one time. In fact, my first jet trip at age 14 was to see my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Mary Kay in San Bernardino. Like most of the greatest generation, they believed that the American way was to work hard and save your money. They have long departed this earth, but I wonder what they would have made of the current state of affairs. The majority of the middle class born during the 50’s and 60’s were raised on the ideals of hard work and thrift. This along with the twin ideal  of Personal Responsibility has lamentably vanished the from our national conversation.

What used to be termed the Golden State has veered so far to the left, it is in danger of causing the St Andreas fault to crack open and dump the lot of it into the Pacific ocean. If conventional wisdom is correct, and what starts in California spreads to the rest of the country, I would counsel all to get to the nearest lifeboat.  

Our Western Titanic if about to sink.  California faces an annual deficit of at least $20 Billion, scheduled right through 2016,  according to the Wall Street Journal. The reasons for this are myriad and too complex to do service to here.  A glaring fault lies with its aggressive Environmentalist lobby, which aims to cut greenhouse emissions back to 1990 levels and mandates another cut of 80% by 2050. This ignores the jobs that come with fossil fuel as evidenced by the admirable 3% unemployment rate of North Dakota. It also ignores the advances of technology, which have been instrumental in extracting fossil fuel safely. Perhaps China should follow our technology, since their old fashioned coal plants not only kill miners, but produce polluted air that will drift westward., no matter what California mandates. Placing all bets on man-made Global warming without a care to protect the economy of the human species is just plain bad policy.

California is about $500 billion in the hole to another Liberal God, Public employee pensions. Even the benign dictator Franklin Roosevelt knew this was a conflict of interest. I don’t have a pension., and I flatly refuse to pay for someone else’s.

California has also become a de facto colony of Mexico. Our Amigos lost the state during the Mexican American war in 1845, but in 2012, the Mexicans are winning the peace.  I suggest the Left Coast follow Arizona’s lead and saying “No Mas”, or maybe shake Mexico down  for the feeding and medical service to it’s citizens. In fact, charge them double for using our schools and hospitals, since they are worth double in value. Stop this nonsense of bilingual education, and stop pressing three for Spanish. What do the poor Koreans think when they hear this press three for Spanish? Probably nothing, because they are busy with three jobs, going to church,  and getting rich.

If we press three for anything, it ought to be for common sense. Businesses like Apple are stampeding from the State and Venture Capital has slowed to a trickle. California’s credit is so bad that its credit default swap is on par with Kazakhstan.

For those of you who don’t know what a credit default swap is, I can explain is simple English. It is a financial vehicle that insures against default on bonds and other loans. So, if you can wrap your mind around this concept, the Golden State, with its movie stars, mega mansions and Porches and Mercedes rushing to Rodeo Drive has more in common with an inhospitable Asian country peopled by goats, tribal chieftains and women who know their place.

Feel-Good Liberal creed is what got California into this mess. Something else has to charge to the rescue. How about we quit talking about Fairness and Social Justice? These phrases are code for taking my money along with my Korean friend’s money and giving it to serial Welfare seekers and services for illegal immigrants, because that is “fair.” If the Federal government deems it necessary to bailout California, then those folks living in row houses in Youngstown, Ohio will be bailing out folks who own beach houses in Malibu. That is what I call the epitome of unfair.

So, George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour, Oprah Winfrey and the rest of the in-crowd should fuel up their private jets and go from state to state or overseas to collect for California. This is what patriotic movie stars did in World War II, It  could work  again. Barack Obama is running a surplus and can fend for himself. His jet setting disciples, insulting the ticket buying public, run the risk of  backlash by We the People.  George, not all Americans are in love with Mr. Obama. Do your career a favor and stop shilling for him. This is still a center-right country. Ignore us at your own peril.  


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