And now they meet again

— by Yaakov Kirschen

Today’s Golden Odie cartoon was published in 1981.

In 1981 Yitzhak Shamir was Israel’s Foreign Minister. The news was that the Polish-born Jew was meeting with the Polish-born Pope. What a fascinating meeting that must have been for both men.

Shamir would go on to serve two terms as Israel’s Seventh Prime Minister, the first from 1983 to 1984 and then 1986-1992.

Yitzhak Shamir died June 30 at a nursing home in Tel-Aviv following a long illness. He was given a state funeral, which took place on July 2 at Mount Herzl, Jerusalem, and was buried beside his wife, Shulamit, who died the previous year.

Icchak Jeziernicky (later Yitzhak Shamir) was born October 22, 1915 in the predominantly Jewish village of Ruzhany (Yiddish: ראָזשינאָי), Russian Empire (now Belarus), the son of Perla and Shlomo, who owned a leather factory.

Before the establishment of the State of Israel, Shamir was a member of the Irgun, which broke away from the Haganah. He was the country’s second longest-serving prime minster after David Ben-Gurion. Shamir became the commander of the Lehi after the death of Avraham Stern and worked for the Mossad from 1955-65.


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