Thoughts and Images on ACA Constitutionality Day

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It was a glorious day. I was surprised that people were surprised that the decision would rest on Roberts' shoulders. It had never been anywhere else. 28 June 2012 was an historic day, with implications for how history will define the legacies of both Roberts and Obama. It was a day for standing up.

The decision was first inaccurately reported by CNN – there's a reason they're doing so poorly at everything right now. Like the rest of the right wing, they wanted ACA to be overturned. The picture at the right is Obama and staff when they heard the correct news.

There actually is a lot in the opinions and the dissents that have impact going forward. We're going to be seeing cases related to social programs and the Commerce Clause, and hopefully Scalia will be gone by then. There will also need to be some tinkering relative to Medicaid and the states.

Remember, too, that the House will hold a symbolic vote overturning the ACA on 11 July. This is nice in that it gives all the rest of us a chance to call our Republican reps and ask why they want us to die…and had ACA been overturned, make no mistake, thousands of people would have died as a direct result. And that IS the reason that Roberts kept looking for a reason to insure ACA stood, and why he wrote the majority decision. 

Also yesterday, the Congressional Black Caucus stood up against the Eric Holder censure vote. The CBC issued the following press release prior to the walk-out:

Washington, D.C.: Today Members of Congress including the Congressional Black, Hispanic, Asian Pacific American, Progressive and Democratic Caucuses will walk off the Floor instead of voting to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, in order to express their strong opposition to this partisan activity. Earlier today, the House Democratic Caucus voted unanimously to endorse the walkout. This contempt hearing distracts both the Congress in their duty to pass legislation that is pertinent to the American people as well as the Department of Justice from investigating and pursuing real crimes.

The walkout was joined by former House Speaker and current House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, along with 107 of her Democratic colleagues. That left 82 Democrats in the chamber, of whom 65 voted “no” on holding Holder in contempt of Congress, and 17 conservative Democrats voting “yes.”

Moving forward, we actually need to take a page from something Mittens' people did right: we need to launch an ad campaign modeled on what President Obama said yesterday. In his comments, he didn't talk politics, he talked about what the law can do for all Americans. And that's what Massachusetts did after the passage of their ACA legislation. What you get, with video of people who benefited, and the website to get more information. Let's get the conversation on OUR page, and move forward from there. You can start by directing people here:



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