Produce Marketing Association Salad Bar Donation

StudentsLetter to the editor

Hello, I am Garrett Koch.  I am 11 years old and in the 5th grade.  I go to John R. Downes Elementary.  Just about a week ago my school received a salad bar from the Produce Marketing Association.

My mom works for PMA, which is right down the street from my school.  I think it would be very cool if other produce companies locally would donate salad bars to other schools around Delaware so more and more kids have a healthy choice about what they eat for lunch like I do.

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I think the salad bar is a great addition to the school.  It has a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables, including my favorite, the tomatoes.  Plus with the salad bar you get part of the five servings of fruits and vegetables you need a day.  I do think they should add cucumbers to the choices of toppings.  Now I have a decision to make at lunch “do I want a healthy salad or a not as healthy food platter?”  Most of my friends get the salad. In fact, most of the kids in my school get a salad which is really amazing.  I think eventually more schools will get a salad bar in the future.



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