AJC Survey Confirms Obama’s Strength Among Jewish Voters

— by David Streeter

An American Jewish Committee survey released today has demonstrated yet again that Jews would overwhelmingly vote today to reelect President Barack Obama over the GOP nominee, Mitt Romney (by a 61%:28% margin)-by essentially the same margin AJC reported Jews would support Barack Obama over John McCain at this same point in 2008 (57%:30%). This once again gives the lie to the myth that the Jewish vote is shifting rightward.

Further, the AJC survey shows that the margin of how much American Jews favor Barack Obama over Mitt Romney has dramatically increased from 2011 (50%:32%, an 18-point gap) to 2012 (61%:28%, a 33-point gap), using this very same poll. This illustrates that the more American Jews get to know Mitt Romney, the less they like him — and the more they see of Barack Obama’s leadership, the more they support him.

The AJC survey-like each survey before it-also asked about party identification. American Jews’ party identification in each American Jewish Committee survey going back through 2008 demonstrates that Jews remain strongly Democratic (52/19 today), with any fluctuations being within the margin of error. This yet again gives the lie to the myth of any shift in Jewish voter identification.

This month-old AJC poll tracks closely with other similar recent polls of Jewish opinion-including the PRRI Jewish Values Survey and others. All of these have shown a significant lead for President Obama over his likely Republican opponent, on par with where he was four years ago at this time — when he eventually won by a three-to-one margin among the Jewish vote.



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