A Call to Arms: 2008 v 2012

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Today is the Pennsylvania primary. Outside, it's 39 degrees with real feel of 27. And that's Fahrenheit. West of where I sit, it's actually snowing. What a change from 2008, when the day dawned warm and sunny. The day of the 2008 primary, I was so excited I couldn't sleep. By 4 a.m. I was out running in the park, my dog Olivia by my side. I was at the polls more than an hour before they opened, setting up, working the line which formed early. For a lot of people in Pennsylvania, that primary was the first time they'd seen the optical scan ballots, and I walked up and down with a copy, explaining the similarities to an SAT: only mark one choice, colour the little circles completely, no stray marks. I stopped home around 11 a.m. to change clothes as I was working for the county in the afternoon, and no politics allowed inside the polls. I took Olivia outside and there was some tall stranger, replete with a McCain hat and a clipboard coming down the street. Olivia growled and snarled: a true Democratic dog. I was able to look around the cul-de-sac and point out the 3 houses that belonged to him, the two where people would not be voting, and assuredly point out that the rest of the court belonged to me. Even in a primary, MY voters were turning out.

2008 had such promise. My then boss had a countdown clock to “the end of an error.” The Republicans would be vanquished, normalcy would return. The wars would end. In April of 2008, the issues related to polling numbers and speeches, post-election plans. No one really understood that the economy had already tanked. Until Lehman imploded and the House voted down the first bailout, it was all an abstraction. We were going to get through the primary, go on to the convention, heal the party rifts and move forward. Heady times.

The world has changed. In certain ways, we won the battle, but are currently losing the war. It's time to say enough is enough.

I'm voting today, and taking people with me to the polls. I'm politicking daily, and registering voters. With help, I plan to launch voter drives right after Memorial Day, and use those drives to educate and inspire (as always). Will you join me? I'm spewing facts about what the Obama administration has accomplished. Such as:

  • Passed Health Care Reform
  • Passed the Stimulus
  • Ended the war in Iraq
  • Killed Osama Bin Laden
  • Repealed Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  • Passed and signed the Lilly Ledbetter Act
  • Expanded Pell Grants
  • Boosted Fuel Efficiency Standards
  • Tightened Iran Sanctions
  • Killed the F-22 and saved $4 billion doing so
  • Expanded Hate Crime protections
  • Expanded SChip
  • Expanded Stem Cell Research

Those are just a few. There would have been more had more of us worked harder in 2010 to keep the teabaggers out of Congress and the statehouses. I can't speak for you, but this little blonde girl is going to work heart and soul to reverse that. I look at what the GOP is doing, and I am APPALLED. They want nothing short of returning America to the 1850's. Those 25 people who have each, individually, given over $1,000,000 to the Romney PACS: what do you think they want? A roll back of legislation that regulates their ability to pollute, kill, and destroy our country and its citizens. Why do you think they all are so anti-education, anti-voting and anti-women? Because they want a nation of uneducated people who lack the ability to stand up in the voting booths and change anything. 

It's time to stand up and be counted by taking one action every day from now until the General Election in November. Register a voter. Politick a voter. Educate a non-voter and make them a voter. Make a donation to a candidate in whom you believe. Post to Facebook. Tweet. Phone bank. Door knock. Sign a petition. Get an ally. Raise $25 from 5 people. One thing a day, every day. A month from now, it will be as daily an occurrence to you as brushing your teeth every morning. (If you brush twice a day, do TWO political things a day!)

Stand with me. Get angry and then remember that while somebody should do something, YOU ARE SOMEBODY.  If we start now, we will hold the White House, hold the Senate, recapture the House, win the recall elections and begin the march to returning our country towards moving forward and not back in time.

Stand with me. Work with me. Plant your feet today and say this is the line. Get up, get active, and bring everyone you know. Together, we can win.


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