How Does Mitt Romney’s Tax Bill Compare With The Rest Of Us?

Rick Santorum has suspended his presidential campaign, but Mitt Romney continues to take the heat. As we approach Tax Day, billionaire Mitt Romney is being held up as the poster boy for the Buffet rule. Romney pays under 14% in Federal taxes far less than most Americans. Under the proposal legislation, people like Romney would have to pay at least 30%.

Benjy Sarlin reports:

On Monday, the Obama campaign went after Romney on a conference call for all of these things and more, starting with a renewed push to get the Republican frontrunner to release more of his taxes.

“Our message to Mitt is simple: If you don’t have anything to hide, release your taxes just like every other candidate for president does,” campaign manager Jim Messina told reporters. He highlighted Romney’s use of a Swiss bank account and Cayman Islands investment fund as particular areas of concern.

Messina noted that Romney reportedly turned over 23 years of tax returns to John McCain’s campaign when he was being considered as a running mate in 2008 and suggested he do the same for the public.


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