Romney 0 – Reality 5

As can be seen in this video, Romney’s critiques of Obama often fall far short of their mark. In fact, sometimes Romney seems to be drawing  criticism to himself more than anyone else. According to the NBC, Romney told an audience in Harrisburg that Obama may have spent “too much time at Harvard.” However, according to Benji Sarlin:

Romney, who earned both a Harvard law degree and business degree, spent four years at the university and was by all accounts a motivated student who was happy with the institution during his time there.

Despite frequently mocking Obama for taking advice from the “Harvard faculty lounge” and spending too much time at the university, Romney has shown little indication that he regrets his own experience.

Three of his sons attended Harvard and he has donated over $50,000 to the university. His campaign lists over a dozen advisers with Harvard ties, including Harvard economics professor Greg Mankiw and international affairs professor Meghan O’Sullivan.

Romney recently cited Harvard professor David Landes during a major economic speech as one of his biggest policy influences — after bashing the “Harvard faculty lounge” the day before.

Romney’s ties to his alma mater are indisputably strong, making his continuous habit of slamming Obama for an arguably less extensive connection to the same school a peculiar tick.

Buzzfeed dug up a video of Romney in 2006 explaining just how “terrific” his Harvard education was, specifically crediting it with putting him in the initial consulting job that launched his incredibly successful business career.

Romney will say anything to get the nomination, and he’ll say anything to win the general election too, but will anyone believe him?

2006 video follows the jump.


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