House Passes Ryan-Romney Budget

— by David A. Harris

This latest Republican budget is chiefly the work of Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney declaring himself ‘very supportive’ — even calling it ‘bold and exciting.’ And this Ryan-Romney budget is simply a disaster for Americans. A budget is a reflection of our values, and this budget stands in stark contrast to the values of the vast majority of American Jews — and most other Americans as well. The Ryan-Romney budget strands seniors, the poor, and America’s middle class while protecting tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans — casting fairness and any shred of shared responsibility to the wind. In addition the budget contains cuts to the foreign aid budget — cuts that the pro-Israel community has long opposed. As experts and observers have noted, the Ryan-Romney budget is a bad deal for nearly all Americans, and American Jews will remember this when they go to the polls in November.



  1. Publisher says

    Paul Ryan’s slick unveiling of the Republican budget presents Americans with a choice that has Jennifer Granholm fired up!

    Paul Ryan’s budget plan was rolled out over the past few days with two slick video trailers – Pretty unusual for a congressional budget committee chairman. Seriously!

    The videos had music and beautiful shots and lots of Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan walking down the halls of Congress. Paul Ryan earnestly talking to the camera. Long on Paul but short on details.
    On the other hand, Paul Ryan’s budget unveiled today was clear. It presented a choice.

    I so love it when choices are clear! He has done us a great favor by putting it all on the table.

    So, here is your choice, America:

    Guaranteed health care benefits for seniors, or tax cuts for the wealthy?
    Food for poor children, or no taxes on offshore profits for multinational corporations?
    Increases in defense spending, or 48 million Americans keeping health care?

    The trade-offs are very straightforward. Mitt Romney, of course, has endorsed, full-throated, the Ryan plan.

    So let me be the first one to say, Paul Ryan: Thank you so much!

    Now for the reality check: this budget has absolutely no chance of becoming law.
    Everyone knows it will never see the light of day in the senate.

    So, Mr. Ryan, remind me: why you did this again?

    Oh, of course, silly me, I forgot: you want to be on the Republican ticket as vice president!
    Well, call me crazy, but I’m just not sure that putting the GOP nominee in the position of supporting huge cuts to medicare is the way to help your chances.

    But hey, what do I know? I’m just a gal who’s grateful for the right to choose.

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