Today’s #HCR Moment: Three Notes From Your Doctor

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Yesterday, Ryan's budget, Year 2, passed the House Budget Committee. No surprise. It will also likely pass the House, and then die in the Senate. As it should. If you hated it last year, this year's version will make you equally miserable, especially since the Rethuglicans reneged on the trigger deals agreed to last summer. You don't have to read it (although I did) to know that it screws everyone except the very rich, and especially the very poor, the elderly and women. This last point by virtue of defeating all proposed Democratic amendments related to women's health.

In sharp contrast, the Obama campaign has launched the following:

Click on your status and learn precisely what this act has done for you and those you love. 

I report these two items together to reinforce the stark differences between what it means to be a Democrat and what it means to be a Republican. 

If you know someone who is unaware of what the Affordable Care Act does, show them this link. If they say “I don't want government in my health care”, ask them which they prefer: a government that leaves medicine between you and doctor, but simply provides free preventative screenings if you want them vs a government that forces you to endure, and then pay for, and unnecessary medical procedure. It is THAT STARK a difference.


The mistake we made in 2009 was to let the wacko right control the conversation and the frame of the conversation on health care. We CANNOT allow that again.  WeMUST take the offensive and frame the conversation going forward.

And finally, my third note: yesterday, the Lancet reported that they have reviewed a number of studies related to aspirin and found preliminary evidence that aspirin is good not just for your heart, but also as a cancer preventative, and for cancer patients, a drug that helps to decrease the rate of metastasis.  Whether you, personally, should take aspirin and at what dosage is something for you to discuss with your health care provider. Ask the next time you see him/her. There are some side effects of aspirin, and there are some people who should never take it, but if you can, this may be a cheap and easy way to do something incredibly positive for your health.


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