Open Thread: First Domino in Wisconsin Falls

Reprinted from Democratic Convention Watch, with a special personal note to PJ Voice readers at the end. 

I'm thinking about two things today. First, Pam Galloway resigned her Wisconsin state Senate seat yesterday. Galloway was one of the teabaggers up for recall in June. The recall was going to be a tough fight for her, although the reason she gave related to family health issues. Her position is now up for a Special Election held the day of the regular recall election. If only one Republican files for her seat, it will be the June election. If more than one files, they will participate in the May primary. Galloway's resignation leaves the state Senate with a 16-16 party tie. As a kid, I never believed the South East Asia domino theory, although I believe the teabaggers will fall in Wisconsin, and then they'll fall all over the place.

The other thing I'm thinking about is the meeting I attended yesterday afternoon at the county OFA office. WHAT JOY to have sat with one of my co-volunteer leads from 2008, the two OFA field boys (one of whom worked our area in 2008) and the chair of our town's Democratic Committee. In 2008, there was virtually no coordination between the Committee and OFA, and hopefully it will be a more synergistic relationship this cycle. We have plans for a kick-off meeting to get “the old gang” back again, the first voter drive was held last weekend and I'm fired up and ready to go. 

My initial swag order is here. That's a picture of my bumper sticker, featuring Fiona. I'm writing this post in my 2012 ball cap, and drinking coffee from my new mug with a picture of our president over “Made in the USA” and a copy of the long form birth certificate on the other side. 

So that's what I'm thinking about today: writing the “welcome back” letter to the 1200+ people who worked in our area in 2008, finding 5 people a day to potentially register to vote outside of the drives we'll kick off in earnest after the primary next month, and making decisions on which swag I just have to have. And reveling in the fall of the first domino, of course. It's a terrible slog through the vaginal probes and the Voter ID laws, a lot of people already think Obama will win because of it, but I know that we win voters one heart at a time, and elections one vote at a time, and I'm going to go get them.

What are you up to today?

SPECIAL NOTE TO PJ VOICE READERS: If you live in the Philadelphia area, and you want to be involved with OFA (the Obama campaign) and you don't know how to get involved, drop me a note at the following address (no spaces. and replace “at” with @ and “dot” with an actual dot) doc jess at demconwatchblog dot com. Let me know your zip code and I'll get you hooked up with the right people for your area. If you live outside the Philadelphia area, I can get your name to the right state people, but likely not the local leaders. This election is more important than most. If you care about America, and especially if you care about your kids and grand kids, please consider getting involved. You can give as little as one hour of your time. 


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